13 Cosmetics Uses Of Vaseline That You Did Not Know

Cosmetics Uses Of Vaseline

The uses of Vaseline or petroleum jelly are very diverse. The trick is to use the right amount and in the right area. Being a dense product with easy adhesion, it does not dissolve with water and this can become difficulty when it comes to removing it.

This oil derivative is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world of makeup and body care. Now, its benefits go much further, so join us to discover 13 everyday useful and practical cosmetic uses that Vaseline offers.

  1. Extend the duration of the perfume

Extend the duration of the perfume

If you are one of those people who, no matter how much you apply perfume, the scent does not remain impregnated in the skin. The solution is to rub a little Vaseline in key places like the neck, behind the ears and the wrists. Vaseline will capture the fragrance and help it last longer in the body.

  1. A good body scrub

Thanks to its texture, Vaseline is an ideal ingredient to create a homemade scrub. Mix a small amount of petroleum jelly with a little sea salt or brown sugar, apply it over the body and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

  1. Hydrate your elbows and ankles

vaseline Hydrate your elbows and ankles

Put Vaseline in places that tend to dry out easily, such as ankles, elbows, knees, hands and feet. Rub in circular motions and let it act for 20 minutes so that petroleum jelly is absorbed and thus you get a better effect.

  1. Helps prevent stains on the skin

Another use of Vaseline can be found in the hairdressing section. Avoid staining the skin when applying a color to your hair. To do this, apply Vaseline on the forehead at the border areas where you hair meets your forehead and ears. With this, if you accidentally stain your skin, it will be much easier to clean it.

  1. Helps heal wounds

vaseline Helps heal wounds

If you have a wound, to avoid scarring, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly after carefully rinsing the affected area. In addition to being a healer, this product will also help prevent itching.

  1. Helps Remove Makeup

Most make-up removers are created based on chemicals. Although, now we do not realize, but with its use and the passage of time we will begin to notice the damages caused to the skin. For this reason, we recommend that you wipe your face with natural products such as Vaseline.

With the help of a cotton ball, put a little Vaseline on your face to remove all traces of makeup. Remove the Vaseline with warm water and you’re done. Excess petroleum jelly on the face can cause clogging of the pores, hence it is important to use only a small amount to remove the makeup and then clean with lots of water.

  1. Recommended for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

vaseline for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

If you have shaggy eyebrows that are difficult to control, apply a small amount of Vaseline with the help of a cotton swab, this will serve as a fixative gel to keep it in order. Now, for eyelashes, Vaseline is also functional. Before going to bed, apply a small amount of Vaseline on your eyelashes and let it act until the next day.  In a few days, you will notice that the eyelashes will be more radiant, longer and thicker.

  1. It also helps get a long lasting makeup

To increase the duration of eye shadows, apply a small amount of Vaseline to the eyelid. This will serve as the basis for the brightness and color of the shadows.

  1. For a long beautiful hair

vaseline for beautiful hair

If your hair has difficulty growing, it is either damaged or dry; Vaseline is a substance that can help you. Simply apply small doses to the scalp and massage gently to regain its vitality.

  1. Helps treat rashes

Another usage of Vaseline is that it is convenient to treat rashes, helping to relieve itching and reduce inflammation in the area where it is present.

  1. A good moisturizer for the lips

vaseline good moisturizer for the lips

If your lips are dry and broken, the solution is to apply petroleum jelly to moisturize them. You can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or make a homemade lip balm. To prepare your own lip balm, heat Vaseline in a water bath, and when hot, you can add chocolate or any flavor of your choice.

  1. Prevents enamel stains

Just as Vaseline works to prevent hair dye from staining the skin, so does the same with the hands and the enamel. Just apply a little around your nails, and if, by chance, the enamel smudges, wipe with a cotton stain. The stain will be removed easily leaving your fingers clean.

  1. Suitable for after epilation

vaseline best use after epilation

Another excellent use of Vaseline is to apply it on the skin after a hair removal session. Sometimes after waxing, the skin will dry or crack a bit. To solve this, you only need to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly in the area. Let it act for a while to rehydrate the skin.

So, those were the 13 awesome usage of Vaseline for cosmetic and everyday purpose. So, hopefully you will use Vaseline to make your every day life’s tasks easier and simpler.