With Just One Ingredient Your Nail Polish Will Last Longer

How many times have you spent time and money in the manicure to get those perfect nails, but then everything turns into a nightmare and irritation when the nail polish starts peeling off the next night.

Every woman has gone through this: you make your nails with a wonderful color, you can expect the enamel to dry without smudging and even then, less than 24 hours later, your enamel is already all peeled.

In this article, you will learn how just one secret ingredient can ensure your nail polish stays longer than usual.

Activities such as washing dishes, tinkering with cleansers, going to the gym and even typing often ruin the enamel, leaving the nails peeled and looking unpleasant.

But there is a homemade trick you can use to increase the duration of your enamel using just one secret ingredient: Vinegar.

In addition to seasoning dishes, vinegar is indispensable in everyday life because it always appears as one of the main ingredients of homemade mixes and solutions to clean the house. But does vinegar works equally well to beauty your nails?

Vinegar has the advantages of removing the entire residue from the previous glaze, making the new enamel last longer, strengthening the nails, promoting nail growth and avoiding nail fungus infections.

3 simple steps to use vinegar for a long lasting nail polish:

  • Moisten a small piece of cotton in the vinegar.
  • Rub the cotton dipped in vinegar on the nails before applying the nail polish. Wait for the vinegar to get dry.
  • Then apply a base layer and, then put the nail polish as you normally do.

Other tips for enamel to last longer

  • Always use base coat before applying the enamel, as it helps to better fix the pigment in the nails.
  • The extra gloss glaze is also very important, most brands already incorporate in the formulation components that help the enamel to dry faster. Use it every two days to increase its life time.
  • Three layers of enamel (always thin!) is the maximum for a good adhesion.
  • Dark spots on the nail polish? Spray a bit of toothpaste with a cotton swab to remove the old enamel residue. Nails look bright and ready for the polish.

Is there any contraindication to nail vinegar?

Yes, there are contraindications to nail vinegar treatment. If you have inflammation of the skin around the base of the nail, if your cuticles have stopped growing or if you have any changes in the nail, do not use it.

Because it is an acid, even if light, vinegar may worsen the present condition, leading to a disease we call chronic paronychia. Therefore, people who constantly put their hands in water, or cook all day, should keep the cuticles and avoid any damage to them, even if it is with the vinegar.

Now, what are you waiting for; just go and try it. You will see that this simple trick will give you a long lasting and beautiful nail polish.