11 Simple Tricks to Burn 100 Calories in Few Minutes

How to burn 100 calories

Need to know how to burn 100 calories without going to the gym? To get lean or maintain your current weight, you do not necessarily have to go to a gym, since some simple daily activities can contribute to the burning of calories.

Burning calories is a practice that is not always easy. To help people who want to lose weight but have no time or desire to go to a gym, we’ve prepared 10 simple and valuable tricks on how to burn those 100 calories easily.

  1. Climb stairs

Climb stairs to burn 100 caloriesThere is always a nearby ladder at work, at home or even in a hotel when you are traveling. Climbing stairs for 10 to 15 minutes is enough to burn 100 calories.

In addition, you will build sexy and strong legs since climbing stairs helps to shape the muscles of the lower part of your body.

  1. Dancing

dancing for burning caloriesDancing is a most fun-filled ways to burn calories. You can also invite few of your friends or neighbors, put on your favorite music and dance your heart out.

This activity will easily translate into 15 minutes of energetic moves that will help you burn 100 calories simply while you have fun.

  1. Stretching

If you are too exhausted for very strict movements, you can do stretch and relax or do a simple Yoga workout to burn 100 calories.

In addition, with this practice you can increase the range of motion of your joints and decrease your stress.

  1. Go out to shopping

shopping as a way to burn 100 caloriesIf you spend about 40 minutes walking while shopping, pushing a cart, you will already be burning up to 117 calories.

Also, when you go shopping and do small daily chores, you will realize how fast time passes and how simple it is to burn that amount of calories. Moreover, shopping is proven to be a good stress buster for many.

  1. Cleaning the House

cleaning the house to burn caloriesHousehold chores can be great allies in losing calories. Activities such as sweeping or mopping the floor, cleaning doors and windows and vacuuming are excellent activities to burn 100 calories easily in short time.

  1. Stand up to burn 100 calories

Stand up to burn 100 caloriesHow many calories do you think you can burn if you stand up instead of sitting in the office all day? You burn about 10 calories every 10 minutes standing.

Replacing meeting places that are usually made in conference rooms where you can stand is a good idea.

  1. Taking care of your garden

Enjoy gardening to burn fatIf you have a green space in your home, just immerse yourself in making it clean and beautiful.

By weeding the weeds for only 25 minutes you lose about 127 calories and by planting new seedlings you can lose up to 77 calories in 15 minutes.

  1. Jump Rope

Jump Skipping for weight lossIf you want to burn 100 calories without having to go to the gym or without the need for more complex equipment, jump rope is your best bet.

You only need to jump for 7 minutes to burn 100 calories. In addition, you also make your legs and lower body strong.

  1. Take a walk

Take a walkDo not want to do intense workouts or just do not like to run? No problem! A 15 minute walk can burn 100 calories easily.

Try to choose locations that do not have very flat terrain, so you can also work your muscles that will make more effort to keep it stable.

  1. Roller Skating

Roller Skating to burn calories upto 100If you like sports and want to get away from the conventional, go do roller skating. This activity can burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes. Do not forget the safety equipment.

  1. Singing and Laughing

Get ready for an hour of joy singing. This period can help you lose calories, especially if you sing in a chorale style. When you get tired of singing, how about laughing? Laughter movements can lose 67 calories in 20 minutes. And, singing alone can make you lose 136 calories per hour.

So, those were the 11 easy and fun-filled ways to burn up to 100 calories in just short time. There are many more ways to burn 100 calories easily like swimming, playing your favorite indoor game, and making love among other things. So, what are you waiting for? Pick any of the simple activity of your choice and easily burn 100 calories every day.