3 Steps That Made This Woman Lose 78 Pounds at Age 54

Weight loss story before after

Sometimes the photos are great: they capture happy moments and memories that you can review. Other times, they can make you feel like crap. About two years ago, Diana Philpot was surprised and dismayed to see a recent photo of her.

“I was just horrified. It was painful, “she said, remembering the image of her at 207 pounds.
At the same time, her doctor recommended that she needs to lose 10 pounds. Diana, then 54, was mad at her, but she knew she was right.

For 30 years, Diana served the US Air Force, which kept her at a healthy weight. But after her retirement, she began to move less and eat more. Slowly, the weight was piling up and, with that; she weighed 207 pounds with a 1.72 m height. Because she had gained weight so slowly, she did not even realize how heavy she was.

“I gained weight for lack of full attention. Not paying attention to portion control, what kinds of food I was eating, and I was less active, “said Diana.

She was buying 52-size clothes, discontented with her body, and knew she would soon need medicine for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Then she started her weight loss, paying attention to what she ate and started walking more.

It took 9 months to lose 10 pounds. But that gave her the confidence to start swimming. She also downloaded a weight loss application, which helped her keep track of what she ate and how much she exercised.

“It was really beneficial,” she said. “I would write down what I ate and what portion I would eat and see how those calories would impact my day.”

From September 2015 to August 2016, Diana lost 78 pounds and transformed her life.
“I felt extremely proud,” said the woman, now 57. “I went from a size 52 to a size 40.”
Diana kept losing weight for more than a year, walking between 4 and 8 km a day and swimming.

After she lost most of her weight, she returned to the doctor. She asked why she had only suggested that she lose 10 pounds, even though she clearly needed to lose more. The doctor admitted she thought Diana would be offended if she suggested a larger number.

“I would have had trouble coping with a large number,” Diana admitted. And, thinking of your weight loss goals in small steps will make a significant difference to your success.

Now, happy weighing 125 pounds, Diana appreciates what she has learned about herself. “I’m in control and I’m capable of being happy in my body and myself,” she said. “I can do anything.”

weight loss tips

Diana has some unique tips from others who want to lose weight like her:

1. Have a company

When Diana suffered to motivate herself for the exercises, she would call a friend who lived far away and was also trying to lose weight. They walked at the same time, talking all the time.

“It’s very helpful to have someone who is going through the same process with you,” she said. “You can learn from things you have experienced.”

At the same time, Diana’s example has also motivated others. Her husband lost 55 pounds and his mother, 24 pounds.

2. Do your homework

When Diana reached a plateau, she was prepared with a plan to overcome it. When she needed to add more protein to her diet, she studied via websites and magazine articles to understand what to include and what to ignore.

“I’ve done more research and looked for studies on weight loss on the internet,” she said.

3. It is a lifestyle, not a diet

Diana loves cheesecake, and when there’s cheesecake, she wants a slice. But instead of refusing, she appreciates this piece. It just controls how much you eat.

“I have adopted this mindset that it is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I’ll eat whatever I want to eat, but be careful about the portion size, “she said.”I refuse to feel guilty. I’d rather make adjustments.”