7 Diet Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

Diet Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you should follow a balanced diet and do not get carried away by false myths about eating that will keep you from reaching your goal.
When it comes to losing weight, eating is one of the most important pillars.

While it is necessary to supplement it with an exercise routine and other healthy habits, your diet still plays an irreplaceable role.

A healthy and balanced diet allows you to combat overweight and, above all, helps stabilize you to keep your body healthy.

The problem is that, in the anxiety of losing pounds, some make food mistakes that, far from helping, become an obstacle to achieving the goal.

Most troubling is that many are following a food plan based on false beliefs, and as a result they suffer from various health problems.

Because of this, it is essential to know these 7 mistakes that affect the diet and prevent us from losing weight in a healthy and permanent way.

1. Diet Based on “Light” Foods

Diet Based on Light Foods

Light foods are those that contain fewer calories or carbohydrates than your commonly consumed version.

These foods, which are the results of misleading advertising campaigns, not only affect the nutritional quality of the diet, but can also prevent us from losing weight.
This is due to the fact that many consume them in large quantities, just because they believe in the idea that they are light and healthy.

Moreover, many are processed and contain chemical additives that, over time, may relate to some health problems.

2. Choosing a “Miracle” Diet

The popular miracle diets are a type of nutrient-poor diet that, although they work in a short time, can lead to serious side effects in the long run.

Since they are extremely hypo-caloric, they imply a marked decrease in the levels of nutrients that the body requires to work in good condition.

Miracle diets are extremely low calorie food plans that for the most part, lack essential nutrients.

• While it’s true that they help you lose weight quickly, they cause health impairments.
• In the medium and long term, they generate metabolic disorders, which recover the lost weight in a short time.
• They cause weakness and fatigue, disrupting daily activities.
• They generate a decrease in muscle mass and, as if that was not enough, affect bone health.

3. Make a bad choice of shakes

Make a bad choice of shakes

Natural shakes and juices were considered a great addition to lose weight in a healthy way, without starving.

However, some combinations of ingredients create beverages with many calories, which make it impossible to see the results of the diet.

• It is important to make a healthy choice, preferably made with fruits and vegetables with low calories.
• Avoid the choices made with yogurt or whole milk.
• Do not sweeten them with sugars or syrups.
• Do not add cream, or similar things.

4. Obsession with Calories

counting calories dieting mistakes to avoid

It is true that a healthy eating plan should be moderate in calories to lose weight effectively.

However, one should not be obsessed with counting calories, since the nutritional quality of foods should also be taken into account.

Thus, it is essential that the diet include sources of:

  • High quality proteins
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Dietary fiber
  • Vitamins and Minerals

5. Choose Unhealthy Supplements

delicious salad with fresh vegetables

Another frequent mistake among those who are trying to lose weight is to reduce the properties of their healthy dishes, with supplements full of calories and added substances.

It is useless to prepare a delicious salad with fresh vegetables if it is covered with a seasoning full of fats or refined sugar.

• Although we know that they greatly improve the taste, it is better to limit its consumption.
• Choose homemade spices, made with olive oil, lemon and fine herbs.

6. Skipping Meals

Skipping meals biggest weight loss mistakes

Hundreds of people think they can lose weight by saving a few calories, ignoring one of their main meals.

The truth is that far from getting any benefit, this practice has counterproductive effects that prevent the reduction of the extra pounds one is trying to lose.

• First, when you skip a meal, the body detects a “scarcity” and thus activates the hormones that make us store energy reserves in the form of fat.
• This slows the metabolic functions and therefore reduces calorie burning.
• In addition, there are high chances of having more food anxiety in later hours.

7. Inconsistent Eating Habits

Be very careful! This is one of the main mistakes.

Lack of consistency with healthy eating is the reason why many fail to maintain a healthy weight.

• It is useless to eat healthy and lose weight if, afterwards, you regain lost weights with the return of old eating habits.
• Willpower and discipline for healthy eating as part of a lifestyle must be maintained.
• The feeding change should not be performed seasonally; it should be permanent.

Have you made any of these mistakes? If so, try to follow the recommendations given in each case, and do not neglect what may be harmful.