7 Secrets to Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine

When it comes to slimming and burning fat, the first word that comes to the mind of most people is diet. But that’s exactly the word that must be taken out of the vocabulary, says Rodrigo Polesso, a specialist in Optimized Nutrition for Health and Wellness at San Diego State University, California, and leader of the Tribe Strong movement. “What you need is to transform your metabolism and define a lifestyle that can train your body to burn fat,” he says.

Your metabolism works through a set of chemical reactions that helps you efficiently utilize the calories you consume daily. Metabolism is responsible for regulating bodily functions like breathing, blood circulation and muscle contraction and also plays a crucial role in your body’s ability to burn calories and consequently burn fat. So, if you plan to be fit for the summer, we suggest you follow these 7 valuable nutrition and training strategies to help you accelerate your metabolism to the fullest and burn fat in an efficient and satisfying way.  Let’s turn your body into a fat burning machine now.

  1. Reduce the consumption of “Edible Substances”

Processed foodsWhat Polder calls edible substances are industrialized foods that do not have many nutrients. “To burn fat naturally, you need to restore proper functioning of the metabolism and hormonal system,” he explains, noting that the first step in achieving this is to remove the toxins that are trapped in your system.

The toxins are in edible substances, in sugars, processed farinaceous (starch) and artificial carbohydrates. These are elements that cause the metabolism to produce a large amount of insulin, encouraging the stock of fat.

  1. Small intervals between meals

Small intervals between mealsBody builders have long known that eating smaller meals more often spaced at an interval of 2-3 hours (or even less) is an effective and proven way to keep your metabolic rate high. This is the secret that will directly impact your ability to burn more calories and fat. So make sure that the meals you are eating are rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, with moderate to low levels of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates.

  1. Limit dense carbohydrates

Carbohydrate foodsDo not just eliminate the processed carbohydrates. Limiting the consumption of dense carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice, sugars and sweetened drinks, is paramount because obesity is a metabolic disease caused by excess insulin. The expert points out that all kinds of carbohydrates are like fuel that fires that hormone produced by the pancreas. Only by doing this will you begin to enable the body to prioritize the thinning and burning of fat.

  1. Optimize the intake of natural fats

By limiting the carbohydrate, people usually increase the consumption of natural fats. It’s important to stop adding artificial fat, such as margarine and vegetable oils, and prioritize the natural ones like olive oil, coconut oil and even lard, which are non-toxic and help the body function well. This will gradually help you become a fat burning machine

  1. Increase insulin sensitivity in muscles

Rodrigo Polesso says that one of the next steps is to make muscles more sensitive to insulin. “It is an additional point in the process of improving health,” he says. “The practice of correct physical exercises, especially those of resistance (that work the muscles), will make them more sensitive to insulin, absorb glucose better and also begin to reduce fat naturally,” he explains.

Even so, the expert says that focus on exercise should not be the first strategy of those who want to lose weight. The exercise itself, without adequate nutrition, does not promote weight loss so efficiently.

  1. Keep stress in check

ear piercing for migrainesWhoever wants to lose weight needs to fight against stress. “This feeling makes the production of cortisol stimulation,” he explains. The stressed body burns fat with more difficulty because this hormone also contributes to the greater production of insulin and, when it is active, we cannot lose the right weight.

Knowing that the stressed body has more obstacles to lose weight, the expert suggests that you have a better quality of life and weight loss results if you lead a stress-free life. “That’s why you should not do restrictive diets: they can create stress when you need to lose weight fast,” he adds.

  1. Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the final secret to getting your body to eliminate overeating and burn fat consistently. But the expert warns that this needs to be done with care. “The practice of intermittent fasting can be powerful, but the priority needs to be given to the previous steps first. It is only after applying the correct diet that fasting can be done gradually and correctly, “comments Polesso. This process allows the body to access the extra fats as a form of energy, adjusting the gears of metabolism and allowing it function correctly.


As you can see, there are several different ways to speed up your metabolism and thus burn more calories and consequently burn fat. If you choose to incorporate some or all of these strategies into your diet and training program, each one will contribute in a way to help you build a strong, lean and muscular physique. These tips alone will bring incredible results if you follow them consistently. The secret of success is to combine all or most of them in your day to day life.