How Cayenne Pepper Can Help You Lose Weight?

cayenne pepper for weight loss

If you’re looking for ways to lose weight, turning to cayenne pepper for weight loss is one of the possibilities to consider. In fact a lot of people say that cayenne pepper is the best herb to lose weight; as it act on our metabolism causing us to lose weight.

It appears that cayenne pepper helps increase energy expenditure (metabolism) and control appetite. Many people do not like spicy foods but if they aim to lose weight this is a good time to train your taste buds to get accustomed to the fiery flavor present in the pepper.

Cayenne Pepper, Metabolism and Weight Losscayenne pepper for weight loss

Experts say that cayenne pepper can boost our metabolism by 25 percent. This increase is due to a special ingredient found in pepper to capsaicin. It is this ingredient that gives the pepper its pungent flavor.

The capsaicin is considered a thermogenic chemical that helps to increase our metabolism. Even after finishing a meal rich in fats, the capsaicin present in cayenne pepper will help you burn off excess calories.

Another benefit of capsaicin is that it can help decrease the development of fats in our body by activating a protein called kinase. The kinase is in our tissues and muscles.

Capsaicin also has properties that help suppress our appetite, so you will feel less hungry and eat less, which will help you to lose weight.

A research developed in 2003 and published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed the results of some participants who were subjected to the consumption of capsaicin alone instead of the consumption of fresh peppers. This component is the same in peppers and is the active ingredient responsible for increasing metabolism and reducing appetite. This compound is also responsible for giving that pungent flavor present in peppers of various types, including cayenne.

Participants consumed 135 grams daily of capsaicin for three months. The result was: more body fat was broken during this period and used as energy, and therefore these results found that cayenne capsules could be useful for maintaining healthy weight.

How to Use Cayenne Pepper to Lose Weight?

There are several ways you can consume this herb to make the most of its benefits. These are:

  • You can consume cayenne pepper in capsule form; perfect for those who don’t like its taste.
  • It can be used in powder, applied in your salads or other foods.
  • Add a dash of powder to your favorite recipes to give a warm touch.
  • Sprinkle about ½ teaspoon in your favorite sandwich as a condiment.
  • You can add it in broths and stews too.

If you are consuming in capsule forms, you can consume 1 to 3 capsules per day along with warm water. If you are consuming it ground or powdered, use a minimum amount of 1 teaspoon per day, and 1 tbsp.

Cayenne pepper and its contraindications

Although cayenne pepper is beneficial in many ways, including weight loss , increased sex life and a stronger digestive system, there are some side effects of using it; It is very strong and therefore can even burn the body.

People suffering from gastric problems should avoid this herb. If you are allergic to bananas and kiwis , then this herb is not for you as there are chances that you can develop allergies.

The cayenne pepper has a very narrow bond with weight loss that can not be ignored. But remember that cayenne pepper is just a supplement that will help in your journey to weight loss . This herb alone will never represent any result. Therefore, use along with a proper, nutritious diet and with an exercise routine planned for the best results.