A Physiotherapist Revealing Secret Trick to Get Flat Abs in Less Than 30 Days – No Diet or Exercise

how to get flat abs in 30 days

Many people hustling in their professional life every day run out of time to keep their bodies in shape. But we have good news: you do not have to go to the gym to get a tummy belly. That’s what English physiotherapist Sammy Margo thinks.
Sammy is well known in England and now worldwide; thanks to a method developed by her that promises to improve posture,

The procedure is quite easy: just tie a cord around your belly, contracting the muscles up to half of what you can handle – it is very important not contract it completely. Do this, tie the cord and try to keep the muscles contracted throughout the day.

You can go out, work, walk, do the day-to-day activities while the technique is taking effect.

Keeping your belly muscles contracted for several hours is a powerful exercise. This way you will exercise your abdomen while doing your chores and you will not have to go to gym or do any abdominal exercises.

And more: It is believed that this trick is capable of “cheating” the brain, which will think that the cord is the limit of the belly.

And what does that mean?

You will eat less because your brain will force you to eat less to avoid the bloating of the belly.

This method will also improve your posture as it will help to remind you to keep your spine straight. Margo explains that these tips are important for people having problem of back pain and obesity.

So, for those who do not have the time and are living a sedentary life, this trick is a blessing. Also according to her, good posture avoids stress, and improves our state of mind.

Having a right state of mind is also important for your overall well-being. The University of Auckland (New Zealand) recently has published an article advocating that maintaining good posture directly influences our self-esteem and well-being.

In addition, they said that people who keep their spine straight and sit properly can do better in times of stress, are safer, and express themselves well. Otherwise, it can cause depression, decrease sexual desire and make us more irritable.

In short, the method developed by the English physiotherapist is very simple and accessible to all and has the potential to do wonders for your weight loss goals.