Take This Drink 2X a Day & Lose Up To 10 Pounds in Just 1 Month

This drink is very easy to prepare drink with great health benefits. It just need one ingredient only and has many virtues. But we can highlight 5 here:

  1. Normalize the cholesterol.
  2. Control glucose and thus combat diabetes.
  3. Accelerate metabolism, favoring weight loss.
  4. Regularize menstruation.
  5. Improve digestion.

Furthermore, regular consumption of this drink can provide many more benefits to the body, all because of just one ingredient – “Cinnamon”.

According to research from the University of Texas, cinnamon is a promise for various neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor and meningitis.

Research has shown that cinnamon reduces the chronic inflammation associated with these neurological disorders.

In women, it helps fight against infertility because it contains the cinnamaldehyde substance, which according to studies increases the hormone progesterone and decreases the production of testosterone in women, helping to balance the hormones.

Publication of the American magazine Nutrition and Cancer shows that cinnamon can reduce the proliferation of cancer cells.

Cinnamon has been shown capable of reducing symptoms related to arthritis pain as well.

Cinnamon has also been shown to be a good natural remedy to eliminate headaches and relieve migraines.

Also as per many studies, cinnamon proved to be effective against ulcer, eliminating H pylori bacteria and other pathogens.

And a test done at a university in Germany with 30 people concluded that those who took cinnamon daily, showed improved memory and cognitive function.

And all these qualities can be obtained in a very tasty way: consuming the refreshing cinnamon drink.

Here’s how easy it is to prepare it:


1 tablespoon cinnamon powder or three pieces of cinnamon stick (about the size of an index finger)

1 liter of water

Method of Preparation & Consumption:

At night, close to bedtime, put 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder or two pieces of cinnamon stick inside 1 liter of water.

If you use cinnamon powder, be aware that some brands sold in supermarkets are mixed with sugar (read the label for sugar or pure cinnamon).

There will be a need to mix the ingredients well (with the help of a wooden spoon) if you use cinnamon powder.

If using cinnamon stick, it is good to sprinkle the pieces with a small amount of water, to sterilize and avoid possible contaminations.

Put the water in the refrigerator and the next day; drink at least 2 glasses of it. Make ensure you drink it on empty stomach in the morning.

If you used cinnamon powder while preparing the drink, before you consume the water, always shake the jar or the bottle where it is stored.

To enhance the effect, you can squeeze a lemon directly into the glass at the time of consumption.

Note: Some people say that cinnamon increases the blood pressure; others say no. So if you are hypertensive patient, for safety, avoid the cinnamon.

Ideally it is always recommended to talk to the doctor about plants like cinnamon and ginger, which have a reputation for raising blood pressure.